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The thrill of online poker

Playing poker can almost be directly applied to taking a rollercoaster ride and the higher the stakes, the bigger the ride.

Every game has ups and the downs; you'll experience the joy of the highs and despair of the lows. But no matter how many knockbacks we get, we pick ourselves up and seek the glory.

It's the adrenaline rush that many of us search for. Chasing a card on the river, and getting it, is one of the most glorified feelings you are ever likely to come across. It's your last hope, and you're around a 12% shot at hitting, but somehow it turns up to rescue you. Priceless!

In a tournament, when you face an 'all in' situation, your heart rate increases and the nerves kick in. You know that you are either going to double up into a big stack or be leaving the competition. Anyone watching the WSOP  will know how high the stakes can be in these situations.

One of the other thrills of online poker is looking to eliminate your opponents. It is a like a predator hunting down their pray, in this case the predator looking for their chips. It is the survival of the fittest theory brought to Texas Holdem poker online.

But despite all the thrills, there are lows to be dealt with and they can be hard to take at times. If you're sitting on a winning hand before the river and you are 88% chance of holding up but it goes against you, it's a cruel blow to take. One or two bad beats can quickly knock your confidence and you from loving the game to looking at it as your worst enemy. 

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