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Poker - Three-betting with Deep Stacks

One of the things that separates the professionals from the rest of us is their understanding of the importance of stack sizes. 

Place a recreational player in a game, and he or she probably would not realise that there are different strategies required, depending on the size of your stack. 
With this in mind, let us look at three-betting when playing deep.

One of the first things to understand when playing 150BB+ deep is that you can widen your three-betting range from position. 150BB+ reduces the likelihood that your opponent is likely to stack off in the same that they are when playing 100BB deep. 

This means that they are much more likely to peel a lot out of position, hoping to flop a strong hand. 

With this in mind, suited junk hands such as Q6s & K4s and the suited two and three gappers become welcome additions to your range. The suitability of your hand increases the likelihood that you flop enough equity to enable you to continue your aggressive approach.

Playing out of position is extremely uncomfortable, making for difficult viewing on the Betfair WSOP 2012 website; this is amplified when the pot has been three-bet pre. 

Playing against opponents who call three-bets pre flop, and then check-fold on the flop is like panning for gold and finding a brick full of the stuff. Likewise is also true, so if you are playing in the blinds make sure you have a tight range.

You do not want to be that fish who is calling pre and then check-folding the flop!

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Poker - Three-Betting with Deep Stacks

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