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Online Bingo

A couple of decades ago, the stereotypical image of bingo was something that happened in a converted cinema, attracted groups of women and always took place in smoke-filled rooms.

In the 21st century, things have moved on. Technology has encroached on what was a working-class pursuit and the game has grown in popularity.

Now players have different variants of the traditional game to try out, with the bonus that they don’t need to travel anywhere in order to play. Open up the laptop, launch your browser and a whole world of bingo awaits.

British players are familiar with the 90-ball game that has been passed down the generations.
Three rows, nine columns, and numbers one to 90 – what could be more straightforward?

Players who are hesitant about trying something new should ask themselves whether their playing has developed over the years to accommodate new challenges. And they’ll no doubt admit that, at first, they struggled a little with the pace of the calling and played one card at a time.

These days, bingo lovers often play multiple cards during a single game and still find themselves able to keep track of the numbers.
So taking on a new challenge in the online world should not be too much to ask. And one way of experimenting is to opt for a 75-ball game.

The 75-ball variation has a five by five grid with random numbers, the centre cell always being left blank.

Just as with the game they’re used to, they will find random numbers are selected and called by the virtual announcer as well as displayed on the screen. And instead of a bingo marker, they click a cursor to mark off a matched number.
Again, it’s the first player to strike off a complete pattern who wins the game.

So eyes down now…

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Last Updated 13 May 2017
Online Bingo

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